Ramy Issac

Mr, Ramy Issac has designed and supervised the buildings

Two new grand residential buildings have completed its development in West Harlem. Ramy Issac, along with his team members, has designed and supervised the buildings, covering an area of 362-370 west 125th street. It is one of his brilliant creations that embodies modern and fine structure. 

The building is gigantic and has stunning outward designs, standing over a construction area of 128,351 square feet. It is located on Convent Avenue, which is just a few blocks away from northwest of West 125th Street. 

The astonishing architecture consists of two spaces in which one is for retail or business purposes and the other is for the residential requirement. The retail area spans across 21,517 square feet on the cellar, first, and second floors. While the residential space covers 73,020 square feet on levels three through twelve.

YIMBY has revealed about this project in September 2017. Now the building is ready for possession at 370 West 125th Street, dwelled between Morningside and St. Nicholas Avenues.

The gigantic building consists of 71 apartments spanning over 1,000 square feet.  On the top, you will view large casement windows on its front outlook. One of the most striking features of the construction is cantilever on the east side of the structure. The property is located at one block west of the 125th street stop and is adjacent to the larger 125th street corridor.

About Ramy Issac

Ramy Issac is the founder of Issac & Stern architects. He is a renowned name in the designs and architectural world. In his childhood, he would do paintings and arts that induced him to pursue architects when he grew up. He still enjoys doing arts and is one of the creative architects in NY. He has designed and completed a wide diversity of projects covering from residential design and renovations to office buildings, synagogues, restaurants, churches, nightclubs, community centers, and retail establishments.


Ramy Issac is a successful architect, like any other professional who has their own set of tools that they need to complete a job. Ramy Issac believes it is important to have your own set of tools to make sure that the job is being done correctly. Because when you do not have the proper tools and can't produce the work, then you will find it difficult to find clients interested in your work even if you have great ideas. While what each architect might need to complete their jobs may vary among individuals, there are a few tools that seem to be a bit more widely agreed upon that is good for any architect starting off to have. .....Learn More

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